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Reconsider and drop all attempted murder charges on Terrance Cummings

Racial discrimination should not play a role in the justice system.

252 signups of 1,000

By Daria Bigelow

Direct flight between Quebec city and Boston

Direct flight between Quebec city and Boston

63 signups of 100

By OSF Global Services

The countdown for the survival of our oceans has started

Every second, 412 kilos of waste are thrown in the sea, this pollution directly threatens our lives.

13,282 signups of 100,000

By Expéditions MED

Nous exigeons le droit à être bien gouvernés

Huit propositions pour restaurer le gouvernement du peuple par le peuple, pour le peuple.

625 signups

By Synopia

This Young Woman Has spoken Against The North Korean Regime, And We Can Too

This young woman has spoken against the North Korean regime, and we can too. Together, we can save North Koreans from their totalitarian regime.

3,511 signups of 100,000

By ClicknSign

Les pharmaciens gonflent leurs profits sur notre santé. Nous pouvons pourtant l’éviter

Pour faire diminuer les prix par la concurrence, nous demandons à ce que les médicaments sans prescription soient en vente libre.

7,745 signups of 30,000

By Caroline Macé